In order to meet strict cleanliness specifications, ECFG has the capability to provide vacuum arc remelt (VAR) material. Vacuum arc remelting is a casting process where a consumable electrode is melted under vacuum at a carefully controlled rate using heat generated by an electric arc struck between the electrode and the ingot. Exposure of the molten metal to the low, near-vacuum pressure reduces the amount of dissolved gases - including oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen - in the ingot. A shallow liquid pool promotes fast solidification and less alloy segregation than in conventionally-teemed ingots. The end result is cleaner steel with improved chemical homogeneity and mechanical properties.

We have 3 VAR furnaces with a capacity of over 6,000,000 ingot pounds per year for each furnace. The furnaces are designed to produce remelted ingots between 15 and 40 inches in diameter, ranging from 10,000 pounds to 46,800 pounds.  We have several sizes of electrodes to meet most customer requirements.