Land Based Gas Turbine

Corry Forge Company continues to invest in equipment and facilities to support the growth of the power generation industry. The first phase of the investment includes a state-of-the-art heat treatment, vertical turning, and automated NDT facility.  A multi-million dollar expansion houses the new equipment.

The advanced heat treat facility offers the most sophisticated level of precision and process control of highly-engineered forged components in North America.  The system allows for thermal treatment to 2150 degrees F with rapid-bath water quenching and precision metallurgical tempering capabilities for short product to 25 tons.

This state-of-the-art investment delivers the highest level of reliability, repeatability, and documentation for post-forge processing through an integrated material handling, performance monitoring and process auditing sytem.

Designed for the specifications of Power Generation, Aerospace, Nuclear, Turbomachinery, and Subsea Pressure Control products, the CFC facility sets a new quality standard for precision heat treatment of highly-engineered critical service components. 

The technologically advanced NDT system is for the ultrasonic testing of high-performance forged components. The new system integrates automated ultrasonic testing with an authenticated electronic record of the inspection procedures and material condition. The ability to permanently document both inspection results as well as testing parameters in a verifiable format, offers a new level of reliability, efficiency, and confidence in the sourcing of forged components for critical applications.

The system is capable of performing both conventional and multi-phased array ultrasonic inspection procedures. It is configured to simultaneously scan and process the signals from multiple transducers, allowing for comprehensive single-pass efficiency. A flexible range of testing parameters and transducer options are available with the system to meet the most demanding customer specifications. Advanced software allows synchronized scanning to insure continuity, coverage, overlap, and travel throughout the procedure. The data from the inspection and testing parameters are transcribed to a single extensible file for remote witness and permanent archive.

"This system represents the new standard for establishing product compliance and integrity in components that operate under continuous conditions of high-speed, high-pressure, and high-stress,” said Jeff Nystrom, Vice President, Corry Forge Company. "Our leadership with this technology is consistent with our goal of being the reliable forging supplier of choice for our customers."

Corry Forge Company is a major North American supplier of heavy frame Land Based Gas Turbine (LBGT) Discs and Shafts, as well as primary and auxiliary integral rotors.