“What if you could trust your open-die forging supplier to always delivery on-time?”

ECFG’s experience has shown that while customers know what they are going to get when they place an order, they have to guess when they will get it. At ECFG, we have taken the guesswork out of delivering your product.

Most companies underestimate the cost of late shipments, but delays and back orders cost manufacturers millions of dollars each year. It’s estimated that late shipments from vendors can add 20-50%, and often more, to your overall production and overhead costs. The reason - - when you don’t get your forgings on time, you’re taking risks, some of which could include:

Reduced Sales    Reduced Margins     Reduced Cash     Increased Sales Costs Increased Operating   Expenses Increased     Labor Costs    Lost Opportunities
Increased Inventory Carrying Costs     Increased Manufacturing Costs    
Increased Overhead Costs     Increased Administrative Costs  
Customer Dissatisfaction 

We have the solution - -

  • Deliveries are on time, every time.
  • No compromise on product development, quality, customer service, lead-time or pricing
  • Sustained reliability over the long term

At ECFG, you can trust us.

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