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ECF's facilities are designed to meet our customers' requirements for high-quality products, reliable due-date performance and world-class service.  Operating from four manufacturing locations, ECF facilities include:

  • Five modern oil-hydraulic presses with capacities up to 5000 tons
  • Heat treating furnaces calibrated to the latest revisions of MIL-H-6875 and API 6A
  • Water, polymer and oil quenching facilities
  • A wide range of machine tools, including lathes, milling machines, trepan & boring lathes and vertical machining centers
  • Capabilities to produce large fabrications, including intricate machining, welding, and cladding. 
  • Metallurgical laboratories capable of testing and certifying in accordance with just about any customer specification
  • Dependable market-focused sales teams

Because three of ECF’s manufacturing divisions have the ability to forge, heat treat, and machine, this gives us flexibility and redundancy to handle almost any situation.

ECF Logo
     Ellwood City Forge

Located at the original site, ECF has operated in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, since 1910. ECF is home to the 1500 ton Demag press and has extensive heat treatment and machining capabilities.  

Ellwood Milled Products Logo
   Ellwood Mill Products

Specializing in the manufacture of our largest open-die forgings, EMP is located in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  Forgings up to 110,000 pounds and 57 feet in length are forged, heat treated, and machined at this modern facility. 

Corry Forge Company Logo
   Corry Forge Facility

Located in Corry, Pennsylvania, CFC produces open-die forgings for some of the most demanding industries in the world such as power generation.  Their ability to comply with nuclear specifications makes them the supplier of choice for commercial and naval nuclear customers.

Ellwood Ohio Machine


    Ellwood Ohio Machine


Located in Cleveland, Ohio, EOM provides extremely large fabricated, welded and machined components used in a diverse range of industries such as power generation, aerospace, mining, locomotive, oil & gas and automotive industries.

North American Forgemasters Logo
   North American Forgemasters

ECF has been a 50/50 partner in North American Forgemasters for almost 20 years.  Operating a 4500 ton open-die forging press, NAF is located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, adjacent to the EMP facility as well as EGI business unit company, Ellwood Quality Steels.

In 2016, a new forging complex was built by the partners.  This new facility houses a 9000 metric ton open-die forging press, as well as ancillary equipment to forge cross sections up to 186” and ingots up to 170 tons!