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      Gearing & Power Transmission

      Powering our critical industries.

      Gear Box Components

      We are experts in critical applications—providing gearing and shafts for high-power, high speed and greater efficiency applications for marine, oil & gas, power generation, and industrial markets.

      Power Transmission Products

      • Gear Blanks / Discs
      • Pinion Shafts
      • Sleeves
      • Hubs
      • Bars

      Typical Steel Grades

      • 4320
      • 4340
      • 4350
      • 4145 Mod
      • 17CRNIM06
      • 18CRNIM06
      • 9310
      Gear Box Components

      Gearing Up!

      Our progressive manufacturing methods, along with our metallurgical expertise ensure that you get the highest quality open-die forgings for your gearing needs.