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      Block Forgings

      For every application. 

      Leading Block Producer

      ELLWOOD City Forge Group is a supplier of milled products from simple blocks to elaborate multi-segmented, drilled, and contoured forgings. We are specialists in providing frac pump blocks and mud pump blocks for the oil & gas industry.

      Our forging facilities, consisting of three hydraulic presses from 1500 to 5000 tons can accommodate an extensive range of weights and sizes. Our conventional CNC machining centers are available for milling, contour milling, boring, drilling and tapping on products manufactured from carbon, alloy, and stainless steels. 

      ECFG possesses unequalled knowledge of the microstructure of steel. ECFG metallurgists use this knowledge to develop forging practices that assure material integrity throughout the life of your product. If your application requires high strength, enhanced impact, fatigue or transverse properties, our metallurgical expertise can help to provide it.

      Compressor Block

      Typical Block Forgings

      • Blowout Preventors
      • Frac Pump Blocks
      • Mud Pump Blocks
      • Valve Blocks
      • Compressor Cylinders for Fluid and Natural Gas
      • Rail Segments
      • Gear Racks for the Mining Industry
      • Forging Die Blocks
      • Heavy Forged Plate
      • Platens

      Diverse Product Offerings

      Our 100 years of forging experience coupled with the latest production techniques ensure that you get the quality product that you require. Our superior due date performance ensures that you get it when we you need it.