For over 100 years, our employees have been committed to the growth and success of our organization.  

Our Shared Operating Philosophy - -

To our customers, ECFG emphasizes the core values of metallurgical expertise, job-shop flexibility, reliable due date performance and dependable service.

To our employees, ECFG emphasizes the traditional values of hard work and innovation. Notwithstanding the decline of the once-flourishing metal-manufacturing community in the western Pennsylvania area, ECFG has remained a stable and loyal employer for more than four generations. We respect our people and reward their effort with above-average base pay and fringe benefits, along with a generous 401K Retirement Plan.

Perhaps this explains why generations of family members choose to work at ECFG.  It also may explain why, unlike other metals businesses in our region, no union has ever been elected by our employees to engage in collective bargaining.

Good communications and common values shared by ECFG management, its employees and customers distinguish our company from the competition and, at the same time, ensure ECFG's continuing success.