Corry Forge Company operates a 2000 ton open-die forging press. CFC is a specialist in providing sleeve, ring, and disks forgings.

  • Discs – 94 inches diameter maximum outside diameter
  • Rings – 90 inches diameter maximum outside diameter
  • Sleeves – 48 inches diameter maximum outside diameter

2000T Press

An extensive heat treat department consists of 11 car bottom furnaces, 2 water quench tanks, 3 oil quench tanks, and spray quench capability. Machine shop capabilities include rough turning, milling and boring. In addition, specialized vertical turning lathes (VTL) can machine disks and rings up to 108 inches in diameter.

The on-site testing laboratory can perform mechanical property testing including tensile and impact, including low temperature FATT impact testing. IMFIT curve analysis, macro cleanliness, and micro cleanliness testing can also be performed.

Corry Forge Company has been producing open-die forgings for nuclear power equipment for commercial, naval and other DOE projects for over 30 years. CFC produces forgings under Quality Management Systems Manual Rev. 11 dated 2/15/12.  In addition, CFC has NSTR-QA-03-9065 certifications and have operated under 10CFR50 Appendix B quality assurance programs for over 30 years. The Quality System meets the intent of ASME NCA-3800, 10CFR50, AND 10CFR21. Other qualifications include:


MIL-DTL-24128(403SS) MIL-DTL-23195(300SS) MIL-DTL-24527(17-4)
MIL-S-24550(A286) MIL-DTL-24114(X-750) MIL-DTL-BBBBB(ALLOY625)
MIL-DTL-24528(4340) MIL-DTL-23229(ALLOY600) MIL-S-23009(HY80)
MIL-S-23194(COMP A, C, F) MIL-N-24687     MIL-N-24114

Heat stability can be performed on pieces up to 240 inches in length and 10,000 pounds.

CFC has expanded capabilities to service the Land Base Gas Turbine market.  State-of-the-art heat treatment, machining, and testing equipment allows CFC to be the premium provider of critical rotor shafts and disks to major power generation customers.